Enlighten CSAT

Boost customer satisfaction by improving agent soft skills.​

Continuously uncover objective insights on agent behaviors that influence customer satisfaction on every interaction.

Make data-driven decisions with proven results.

Realize immediate value

No expertise is required with purpose built out-of-the-box behavioral models.

Increase employee engagement

Optimize routing to deliver the best outcome for every customer.

Improve coaching effectiveness

Equip supervisors with quality and coaching insights to deliver personalized coaching from an objective analysis of agent behaviors on 100% of all interactions.

Reduce manual listening

Automate the analysis to identify trends in customer satisfaction and agent behaviors before they negatively impact customers — or the bottom line.

Transform customer experience, effortlessly.

Power better connections and precisely measure results. Enlighten AI Routing seamlessly integrates holistic CX data to personalize every customer experience.

AI-driven behaviors and metrics for customer satisfaction.

Enlighten AI for Customer Satisfaction automatically analyzes agent soft-skill behaviors that drive customer sentiment on every interaction—objectively and consistently. The purpose-built customer satisfaction behavioral models are derived from 20+ years of industry experience, using the most expansive labeled CX dataset on the market.

Performance metrics on all interactions

Monitor performance using visual dashboards with heatmaps of sentiment and agents’ behavioral scores.

Objective agent behavioral analysis​​

All agents are scored objectively, on every interaction, using pre-built AI-driven behavioral models for customer satisfaction.

Data-driven coaching and evaluation​

Pre-built supervisor and agent scorecards aggregate KPIs, identify coaching opportunities and link to evaluation and feedback workflows, so supervisors spend less time hunting for information.

Operationalized results​

Behavioral scores are operationalized by a suite of quality, performance, and coaching applications, enabling all stakeholders to focus on the same organizational KPIs.

“It used to take me an hour to prep for a coaching session, but now ….I’m having a meaningful conversation with my agent in just a couple of minutes.”

Team Leader

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