sagle Professional services

Add expertise to your team

Leverage sagle Professional Services to help modernize your data stack and accelerate your time to insights. Speak to a sagle Services representative to learn more.

Boost Agent Productivity and Customer Satisfaction with real-time assistance, live conversational tasks, and suggestions

Utilize an off-the-shelf banking virtual assistant deployable to the channels your customers use the most to drive retention, satisfaction and cost savings to new heights.

Easy Local Data Processing

We offer hands-on implementation and best-practice enablement for LDP, including installation, configuration and training.

Expert SaaS services

Bring a highly experienced sagle  Resident Solution Architect (RSA) onto your team for a duration of 12 months.

Assisted transformations

sagle experts provide data modeling, hands-on SQL execution and expertise on dbt setup, management and optimization.

Get custom connectors

Custom builds of functions to ingest data from sources for which sagle doesn’t provide a native connector.

Learn sagle fundamentals

Expert-guided, one-on-one, technical hands-on training sessions for data-delivery teams to accelerate sagle onboarding.

Custom services

Looking for more? Design a custom services package tailored to your unique data and analytics goals.

”Solving issues with our previous solution just took too long. Sagle has much better support; the team is quick to answer and have an active conversation.”

Increase ROI on your data stack with sagle Services

sagle Services experts keep your outcomes and timelines at the forefront of their decisions.

Fast forward your time to value

Engagements include architectural reviews, where our team designs, implements and recommends best practice architectures, delivering outcomes your business can run on.

Extend your data team without the cost

Our Services team are sagle experts, but we’ve also seen the evolution of how companies move and work with data. Avoid mistakes and implement tried and tested methodologies to your data stack.

Design your solution for scale

Ensuring that your data architecture can scale is a critical business requirement of any data stack. The Services team at sagle  works with customers to leverage our range of developer tools and manage their pipelines at scale.

Ensuring your data is secure and governed

Our team of experts works with customers to ensure that data governance — facilitating control and visibility across the data stack — is assessed at every part of the project.

Ready to get started?

Overachieve on your business goals with an experienced technical expert by your side.