The Industry-First Conversational Search Assistantwith the Added Power of LLMs and Generative AI

Deliver better search relevance, more comprehensive and complete answers, and contextually personalized search results by combining the power of's leading conversational search capabilities, Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI technologies.

Trusted by Enterprises, Loved by Employees

The Next-Gen Conversational Search Experience at Scale Powered by Search Platform, LLMs, and Generative AI conversational search assistant helps deliver highly relevant, accurate, contextual, and personalized search results to all users. It uses the powerful search technology, Large Language Models (LLMs), and Generative AI technologies to deliver next-gen search experience to various users, including employees, consumers, customer support executives, and agents.

Intelligent Search

Make Search Natural through conversational search assistant

Traditionally, search is monotonous. It lacks contextual understanding and personalization and the experience stops at the discovery stage. There’s no context on follow-up actions, inquiries, or agent transfer.

SearchAssist is an intelligent conversational search assistant that discovers user intent from natural human chat or voice utterances and returns contextual and personalized search results through a virtual assistant or a traditional search bar on the web or mobile channels.

Chat + Search

Eliminate User Confusion through a unified search & chat interface

Search and virtual assistants, when they operate in silos, resulting in a subpar experience. Users are either confused or frustrated as they often get incomplete or irrelevant information because the context is not shared between the two channels.

SearchAssist offers a unique search experience as users can ask questions or search for information through natural language dialogs. It understands the user context, behavior, preferences, and intent and resolves the queries through a unified interface.

Cognitive Search

Deliver Contextual Resultsthat enrich the search experience with the most relevant information

SearchAssist goes beyond traditional keyword-based search by combining search context, personal preferences, and search phrases to bring the most relevant search results. With its deep learning and self-optimizing AI capabilities, it continuously learns and delivers an improved search experience.


Recommendation Engine

Increase Cart Valuewith useful recommendations

SearchAssist constantly monitors user’s behavior on the website and using its deep learning capabilities, proactively presents personalized and contextual recommendations to help discover relevant products or additional results that help in better decision making.

Tailored Experiences

Offer Personalized Resultsusing the power of AI and custom rules

SearchAssist lets you personalize the results for your users. With intuitive UI, you can set rules to define how search results should be presented. This includes boosting or filtration of search results, experimentation on the search results, and more.

Tune Results

Refine Result Relevancy with configurable no-code interface

SearchAssist lets you refine your results to make them more relevant. It provides you with over 50 configurable parameters with default values to customize the display of search results without involving IT resources or writing a single line of code. These include personalization, boosting or filtration of search results, experimentation on the search results, and more.


AI-First SearchAssist Platformempowering powerful search capabilities

Built for business and non-IT users, the SearchAssist brings everything you need to create and deliver a personalized, contextual, AI-powered search experience for your users. Built on a strong AI-first foundation, SearchAssist provides you with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to customize search experiences.

Data Extraction and Indexing

NLP and Knowledge AI

Prebuilt Connectors

Intelligent Analytics

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