Control and extensibility, built into the Sagle platform

Leverage and extend the Sagle platform to create new use cases, save development time and build better products.

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Track data movement across your entire ecosystem

Control every aspect of your data ecosystem with event tracking and deep integrations with your favorite data orchestration technologies.

Receive mission-critical information about system outages, incomplete tracking data and failed connector syncs, including instructions on what the problem is and how to fix it.

See comprehensive log events in your destination, the Fivetran UI or your favorite external logging service, so you can keep tabs on your connectors, user actions and API calls.

Get real-time messages to power user experiences, transform data, drive error alerting and more.

Coding Needed

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AI Genie To Every Agent

to drive memorable customer conversations

By embracing AI, take customer support to a whole new level. The AI capability suggests the best actions and responses based on the customer’s history, mood, and goals. It’s a handy tool for delivering personalized customer service and helping agents make informed decisions.

Programmatic pipelines

Embed in your app, create thousands of connectors at once, and automate manual processes to save your team time.

Automated workflows

Satisfy your orchestration needs and build custom processes using the Sagle Airflow Provider.

Integrated transformations

When data lands, automatically trigger dbt transformation jobs. Use prebuilt data models to accelerate your time to insights.

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Orchestrate data confidently

Leverage developer platforms, sample code libraries and other third-party tools to optimize your Sagle implementation.

out-of-the-box integrations


Programmatically author, schedule and monitor Sagle workflows and customize to your specific needs.


Create, change and improve your Sagle  deployment using infrastructure as code (IaC) software.


Explore and test the Sagle API with a collection of templated requests for every endpoint.

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Data democratization

Give more teams access to data without compromising on compliance. Learn how Sagle accelerates your data democratization efforts.

Database replication

Sagle allows you to effortlessly add operational databases to analytics projects and see the full picture.

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