Turn Your AgentsInto Super Agents

Refresh customer support, improve agent experiences, and build an environment everyone loves!

Boost Agent Productivity and Customer Satisfaction with real-time assistance, live conversational tasks, and suggestions

Utilize an off-the-shelf banking virtual assistant deployable to the channels your customers use the most to drive retention, satisfaction and cost savings to new heights.

Next Best Action

AI Genie To Every Agent to drive memorable customer conversations

By embracing AI, take customer support to a whole new level. The AI capability suggests the best actions and responses based on the customer’s history, mood, and goals. It’s a handy tool for delivering personalized customer service and helping agents make informed decisions.

Real Time Coaching

Unlock The Best In Agents with AI-powered coaching and development

Employ AI and LLMs to improve agent performance in real-time. Conversation suggestions, sentiment tracking, adherence checks, and actionable insights empower agents to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

CCaaS Plug-n-play

Make Your Agent Desktop Smarter by seamlessly deploying the agent assist capability

No matter which CCaaS software you prefer, whether it’s Salesforce, Zendesk, or Genesys, the agent assist capability is the key to making your desktop more intelligent. It seamlessly sits in your CCaaS tool and enhances your agent’s performance, ensuring they deliver top-notch customer service.

Masterful Customer Engagement is now possible with playbooks

Optimize agent performance with Playbooks. Pre-defined strategies and workflows navigate agents through complex scenarios, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and superior customer interactions. Elevate agent’s efficiency and deliver exceptional service.

Summarize Conversations

Automatic summaries help agents understand customers quickly and build better engagement.

Smart Replies

Enrich real-time conversations with context-based suggestions and enable agents to respond quickly.

Measure Sentiment

Track accurate customer emotions with AI intelligence, and enable personalized empathetic responses.

Streamline Tasks

Automate rudimentary or time-consuming tasks like verifying customers, answering routine questions, performing data entry, and more to save agents time and effort.

Meet Deadlines

Provide them with a personal assistant who augments their work with appointment scheduling, follow-up reminders, timely alerts, and more, giving agents peace of mind.

Train Agents

Get your new agents up to speed by training them on previous conversations and suggestions.

Automated Guidance

Enhance agent efficiency with automated Welcome Events. Streamline workflows, lower AHT, and ensure consistency.

Call Analysis

Uncover trends, measure agent performance, and refine strategies for exceptional customer interactions.

Agent Productivity


Increase in quantity by handling calls faster with Generative AI support

Annual Sessions 24/72000 companies


Virtual agents optimizing customer and employee experiences

Boost Agent Productivity

Fortune 2000 companies


Top 4 banks
Top 3 healthcare

First Call Resolution Rate


Increase in quality with 
real-time agent AI assistance

Value Creation


From cost reductions, retention increases and higher revenue


sagleai Named a Leader in 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Conversational Al Platforms

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