Sagle for infrastructure modernization

The automated data movement platform for infrastructure modernization

Modernize your infrastructure, migrate to the cloud and centralize all of your data to accelerate your business.

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Accelerate your business through modernization

Digital transformation, cloud modernization or cloud migration — whatever you call it — the work is the same: take a legacy system and make it modern.

Sagle accelerates your major modernization efforts, including:

On-prem to the cloud

Sagle meets you where you’re at today, including on-prem or hybrid, and will continue to grow with you as you mature your cloud adoption.


Transition from the old ways of data movement to the faster, more cost-efficient data movement for the cloud.

Migrating to a new destination

Sagle can accelerate your adoption of any new or additional destination as part of a multi-cloud strategy.

Batch to real time

Make your data move as fast as your customers by moving from periodically batched data to real-time change data capture (CDC).

The hidden cost of the status quo

The DIY approach to building data pipelines saps critical development resources that could be allocated to core business functions.


Data engineering time wasted building and rebuilding pipelines


Data engineers who report it takes days or a week to prepare data for decisions


Companies that lost money because of old or error-prone data

explore the capabilities

Sagle handles the biggest workloads

Sagle data movement platform loads data to your cloud destinations with hundreds of prebuilt connectors that automatically respond to API and schema changes, ensuring your data never stops moving in the cloud.

No matter the source or replication type, we support it

Sagle replicates data efficiently with low latency, so your teams always have access to the freshest data.

Database CDC replication

Optimized database migration to handle your largest data volumes with flexible connection options.

File replication

Unlock the insights hidden in disparate files like CSVs in Google Sheets or semi-structured files such as JSON or Avro types.

SaaS replication

Centralize all the data from across the tens to hundreds of applications your organization uses to generate insights.

SAP replication

Replicate your SAP data to various cloud destinations with minimal source impact.

case study

JetBlue flies high with Sagle to fuel real-time analytics

JetBlue carries customers to more than 110 cities around the world, with an average of 900+ flights per day. Taming and organizing terabytes of disparate data was challenging and it needed to create a one-stop shop for its data.

BEst-in-class tech partnerships

Built for the cloud, Sagle is the new standard in data movement

Snowflake Data Integration Partner of the Year, 2022

Google Cloud Global Technology Partner of the Year, 2021

Databricks Data Ingestion Partner of the Year, 2022

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Get even more out of Sagle automated data movement platform

Data democratization

Give more teams access to data without compromising on compliance. Learn how Sagle accelerates your data democratization efforts.

Database replication

Sagle allows you to effortlessly add operational databases to analytics projects and see the full picture.

Accelerate your data movement today

Join thousands of companies using Sagle to centralize and transform their data.