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Sagle automates data integration for analytics and AI on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

Sagle is the secret sauce behind Databricks’ marketing 
analytics growth


As Databricks rapidly expanded, the need to centralize data across the business became more apparent to help drive pipeline generation and improve marketing ROI. But without dedicated engineering resources, scaling with demand became next to impossible. It was critical that its newly-built dashboards were supplied with trustworthy and fresh data for marketing operations to run smoothly.


Databricks uses Sagle to bring in data from all of its core marketing source systems and joins that data with other sources from Product and Central Teams to ultimately generate vital Tableau dashboards for analysis. Sagle saved Databricks over 40 hours a month in engineering time. And access to reliable data expanded the visibility of marketing team performance and helped build a culture of accountability.


Marketo, Salesforce, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics


Databricks Delta Lake


Secure and automated data integration for the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

As Databricks’ Data Innovation Partner of the Year, Sagle offers fully-managed data pipelines that empower data engineers and data scientists to focus on analytics, data science and machine learning applications.

Accelerate your business with the power of data and AI

Automate data flows into the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to enable analytics and AI use cases with  300+ data sources.

Simplified data management

Replace data silos and unify data teams on a single platform with a cloud data platform built on Sagle and Databricks.

Reduce complexity and cost

Use Databricks Partner Connect to load data into your lakehouse in just minutes with our self-healing and fully managed pipeline.


We are better together, 
and we have the awards to prove it

2023 Innovation Partner of the Year
2022 Data Ingestion Partner of the Year
2021 Partner Champion Award
2020 ISV Partner Innovation of the Year Award

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