Retail CX Solutions

Simpler, easier retail experiences.

Increase customer value, loyalty, and retention while reducing costs with easy, AI-powered CX solutions for retail.


Create customers for life

Your retail customers expect easy interactions and seamless omnichannel journeys. Give your customers fast answers that increase conversions and effortless resolution with the industry’s leading AI-powered customer experience platform.

sagle CXone provides a complete suite of CX applications on an AI-powered platform to automate, orchestrate, and elevate every touchpoint with your brand. Ensure every interaction improves brand reputation, drives employee engagement, and creates customers for life.

Retailers Rely on sagle CX Solutions for Superior Customer Experiences


Eliminate friction, build loyalty

Orchestrate personalized journeys that do more and cost less. Automatically learn from every interaction, then model the most successful approaches to drive lifetime loyalty.

Turn abandons into conversions

Drive contextual, proactive engagements that maximize purchase intent. Use the right guidance at the right time to convert browsers into shoppers, both online and mobile. More orders, happier customers.

Make self-service simple

Deploy automation that delights, delivering satisfying self-service. Modernize every touchpoint from proactive outreach to searchable support content to back-office integrations for immediate, impactful resolution.

Enrich in-store, online, and omni

Meet customers wherever they are with true omnichannel engagement across channels and time. See, know and predict how they engage with your brand to maximize your mindshare.

Optimize agent time and expertise

Flatten seasonal hiring by planning for the right skills with the right workforce at the right times. Empower your people to resolve even the most complex interactions at record speed.

One easy platform, your pace

Leverage every component you need to drive winning customer experiences on a single, unified platform. Delivered how you need, when you need.

“We were constantly challenged to track down issues and didn’t generally know we had an issue until there was a complaint. Consolidating platforms on sagle CXone was a no-brainer. Allowing central management of our voice presence was critical to improving our management capabilities and technical support. It also simplifies the networking and infrastructure.”

Deliver self-service that flows

Pinpoint the best opportunities for improvement across all channels by analyzing 100% of your customer interactions from any data source.

Optimize and empower your workforce

Anticipate business demands and optimize your workforce with the industry’s most intelligent and accurate omnichannel forecasting engine.

Build insights from every interaction

Pinpoint the best opportunities for improvement across all channels by analyzing 100% of your customer interactions from any data source.

Quantify customer feedback

Collect unbiased feedback across preferred channels for a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ experiences, perceptions and desires.

See how it works

See how sagle CXone helps you innovate faster to improve every customer experience interaction in these in-depth demonstration videos.

CXone for AI-powered customer experience platform for Retail

Your customers expect easy interactions and seamless omnichannel journeys. Give….