The most secure and reliable data movement platform

Sagle  security features — including secure deployment options, automated column hashing, SSH tunnels and more — protect your customers, data and reputation.



Rigorous, built-in platform security and privacy

Know your data is protected from source to destination.

With the most comprehensive privacy, security and compliance program of any cloud ELT platform on the market, your data is in safe hands

Encryption everywhere

Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

Regional DPAs

Contractually commit to compliance with EU and US laws with GDPR and CCPA.


Sagle can sign a business associate agreement to meet HIPAA requirements.

ISO 27001

International standard to review security risks, design and implement controls, and ensure effective ongoing security processes.

PCI DSS Level 1

Business-critical feature for customers who use Fivetran to transmit cardholder data.


Security and privacy protection for every user

Get complete control over the security of your data movement.

Data doesn’t

Data is purged after it’s successfully written to the destination.

Personalized data, anonymized

Sensitive data is blocked or hashed before it enters a destination with column masking.

Personalized data, anonymized

Sensitive data is blocked or hashed before it enters a destination with column masking.

full-featured platform

Plans that meet your specific security requirements

Choose the right level of protection for your data.

Sagle Enterprise Plan

The Sagle Enterprise plan is trusted by hundreds of the largest global enterprises. Select Enterprise to unlock:

Business Critical Plan

The Sagle Business Critical Plan is designed with enterprises in mind. Select Business Critical for sensitive and high-volume use cases.

Private Deployment Plan

Deploy Sagle in your private network on-premises, in the cloud or air gapped for the most secure data movement.

Dedicated in-house security expertise

Our security and privacy teams manage privacy, governance, risk and compliance (GRC) to ensure that our company is as secure as our product.

Cheif security officer

Tom Conklin

Data protection officer

Seth Batey

Extensive privacy and security training

All Sagle employees are trained on the latest in data privacy and security best practices.

Vendor audit and approval process

All third-party tools go through vetting before adoption.

Audit trails

Easy data auditing through tracking of data storage, movement and more.

Data deletion requests

For data we control and process, deletion requests are fully supported.

Resilience and uptime

Service level agreements guarantee uptime without compromising performance.

Data protection agreements

Sagle commits to protecting data as written in our data protection agreement.

What to expect from us

Infrastructure modernization

Whether it's migrating to the cloud or modernizing legacy systems, learn how Fivetran can accelerate your digital transformation.

Data democratization

Give more teams access to data without compromising on compliance. Learn how Fivetran accelerates your data democratization efforts.

Start automating your data security

Join thousands of companies using Fivetran to centralize and transform their data.