Power your analytics with automated transformations

Automate your end-to-end ELT pipelines with free Sagle Transformations for dbt Core™*.



Introducing: Quickstart data models

Automatically turn your Sagle connector data into analytics-ready tables with all clicks. Quickstart data models allow you to use our pre-built data models and transform your data, no code, or 3rd party tools required.

Data modeled for insights

Our pre-built data models save you crucial data resources by automatically preparing, aggregating and enriching data while syncing with upstream connectors.

Orchestration made easy

Integrated scheduling automatically triggers model runs following the completion of Sagle connector syncs in your warehouse.

Monitoring that keeps you in the know

Monitor data movement, logs and status from connector extract to successful warehouse load through modeling — all in one data lineage graph.

Alerts and notifications simplified

Centralize and manage connector and transformation alerts in Sagle for straightforward troubleshooting.

Your data modeled your way

Sagle also helps you write and manage custom data modeling. Combines Sagle’s data integration with transformations capabilities to accelerate your end-to-end ETL practices.

Integrate your data base to LLM model

Orchestrate and manage a data model from your databases by integrating your repositories into our platform.

More quickly write data models

We also make writing custom data models easier with our Code extension and custom model creations

discover the benefits

Take your transformations to the next level while saving time and money

Easily orchestrate, automate and simplify custom data transformations in your destination at no cost.

Faster time to insight

Quickly answer ad hoc questions and deliver new reports while saving critical engineering time with our data models.

Fully managed, end-to-end platform

Centralize your ELT and turn data into insights in Sagle — no third party tools required.

Fresh, up-to-date data

Automate your data transformation, ensuring all teams have access to the freshest data sets for analysis and decision-making.

Zero consumption transformations

Transformations are included with your paid Sagle account, decreasing your time to insight with no impact on consumption.

Accelerate your data movement today

Join thousands of companies using Sagle to centralize and transform their data.