Generate AI Powered Experiences

Create, Train and Deploy your own LLM or SLM models on premise or hybrid or private cloud. Your data is never exposed to outside users and strictly governed by access protocols and rules.

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Infuse AI Sense Into Your Enterprise Applications

Realize Value by Embedding AI Into Your Customer and Employee Experiences

Get More From Your FAQs


Questions answered from existing content


By customers and agents looking for answers

Enable 24x7 Service More Effectively


 Inquiries resolved by virtual agent


 In combination with human agent when necessary

Help Agents Be More Effective


 Agent productivity


Incremental First Contact Resolution Rate(FCR)

The Best Run AI Experiences on

We help businesses deploy trusted generative & conversational AI with reduced costs and risk. The combination of the Platform, purpose-built LLM models, tight system of record integration and vertical use cases accelerate ROI.


Which credit card offers the best travel rewards ?


How much am I paying for my car insurance?


I need a replacement insurance ID card.


I need to reschedule home delivery for my new appliances.

Human Resources

How many vacation hours do I have banked for this year ?

Information Technology

My laptop is running very slow. How do I fix this ?

Deploy AI Safely, Responsibly, and at Scale Across Your Enterprise with our AIX Platform and AIX Studio

Conversational & Generative AI

Conversational & Generative AI

With the world’s most secure, credible, and scalable generative and conversational AI platform.

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Platform Services

Platform Services

Pre-built integrations. Manage experiences in voice & digital channels in any language. Enterprise-grade security and compliance controls.

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Contact Center AI

Contact Center AI

Seamlessly integrate intelligent virtual assistance for customers and agents within your current CCaaS operations.

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Achieve it all with Sagle

Organizations around the world are striving to deliver the ultimate consumer experience, strengthen brand value, and boost efficiency. The pathway to achieving these objectives unveils three pivotal breakthroughs: a unified interaction-centric platform, convergence of rich CX capabilities, and an AI purpose-built for CX.

Seize these breakthroughs with Sagle CXone, where every interaction is an opportunity for excellence.

Interaction-Centric Platform

Orchestrate every customer interaction across channels seamlessly with SAGLE CXone, all on a cloud-native platform that scales securely, deploys quickly, and satisfies customers globally.

Rich CX Capabilities

Master each interaction with SAGLE CXone’s rich CX capabilities, where channels, data, applications, and knowledge converge to improve customer experience at scale.

AI purpose-built for CX

Unleash the precision of Enlighten, purpose-built AI for CX and infused through SAGLE CXone, to orchestrate exceptional experiences for employees, consumers, and businesses.