Improve Sales Skills

Win more deals with the power of AI.​

Increase conversion rates, grow revenue, and empower teams with real-time, proven insights into the critical sales skills that drive revenue.

Achieve revenue goals with AI-Powered sales skills.

Eliminate the guesswork​

Harness objective scoring of sales skills that impact revenue across 100% of interactions.

Empower agents in real-time​

Leverage AI analysis that understands the context and delivers just-in-time recommendations.

Turn Insights to action​

Optimize sales performance with a comprehensive analysis on agent skills, teams, and performance trends.

Optimize performance with Enlighten AI for Sales Effectiveness​

Gain a holistic view of agent performance with objective scoring of sales skills that impact revenue across all interactions. Purpose-built sales-skill behavioral models that influence a “likelihood to buy” metric across all industries is delivered right out-of-the-box. These insights are operationalized in a suite of sagle CX applications for immediate impact on sales conversion rates.

"Wow" your customers with AI.​

Empower sales agents to meet their targets with the skills they need to deliver “wow” experiences that will impress any customer.

Accelerate Sales Velocity.​

Enlighten AI for Sales Effectiveness boosts your sales momentum by analyzing every interaction and providing agents with insight into overcoming objections, making a connection, uncovering a need and other critical skills necessary to meet their revenue targets.

Simplify complex sales processes​

Identify the sales steps and best sequence that leads to high conversion rates.

Provide real-time guidance​

Empower agents with skills and information that maximize their sales with contextual desktop prompts.

Operationalize objective insights​

Provide heatmaps, dashboards and real-time reports to increase the likelihood to buy metric.

Provide real-time guidance​

Deliver more timely evaluations and focused feedback with out-of-the-box quality coaching dashboards and workflows.

Amplify best practices​

Turn successful sales interactions into best practices and distribute them across the various sales teams.

Uncover sales trends​

Understand which sales offers are working and why.

“AI capabilities allow firms to grow their annual
revenue by 6.5% YoY whereas non-users observe
a 2.9% reduction of revenue.”

Aberdeen Research, CX Leaders’ Agenda Survey

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