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A Single-Pane-of-Glass

for all your enterprise virtual assistants

Universal Virtual Assistants (UVAs) link individual virtual assistants, enhancing user experience with a unified interface. Update the UVA incrementally, adding new skills without affecting prior ones. Efficiently route actionable requests, expediting task execution.


Coordinate Interactions

with multiple connected virtual assistants

Universal Virtual Assistants receive user requests, orchestrate activations of connected assistants for multitasking, ensure seamless transitions between tasks, and deliver a superior customer experience while maintaining ongoing conversations.


Better Experience with Training

to recognize the right virtual assistant

The training of Universal Virtual Assistants centers on ‘virtual assistant identification.’ This involves instructing them using invocation phrases, names, and user responses. Further, enhance their training by identifying unmatched intents and seamlessly connecting matching utterances with the right assistants and their associated tasks.

Rich Text

User-friendly Interaction

with IVA using rich text and graphics

Sagle.ai XO Platform introduces digital skills to create interactive virtual assistants with widgets, panels, and forms, delivering a seamless blend of natural conversation and digital interaction for users. This empowers users to accomplish tasks effortlessly through typing and tapping.

Enhance Convenience

Single, unified interface for multiple enterprise virtual assistants.

Increase Coverage

Build assistants for specific use cases and link them together.

Improve Responses

Rank the relevance and engage the appropriate assistant.

Guide Users

Provide suggestions in case of ambiguous or unrecognized requests.

Boost Omnichannel

Connect with virtual assistants deployed on other channels.


Sagle.ai Named a Leader in 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Conversational Al Platforms

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