Contact Center Solutions for Telecom

Give your subscribers the experience they deserve.​

Your network delivers better, faster and more for your customers-so should
your contact center.


Make connections that matter.

Help customers help themselves​

Self-service helps customers resolve issues themselves and deflect calls that impact agent capacity.

Guided Customer journeys​

Help guide customers and ensure that they get knowledge wherever they are in their journey, in the form of information, answers and support.

The right agent, always prepared​

Map customers to the right agents and give agents answers and guidance in real-time to make every engagement matter.

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The Cloud built for CX.​

Leverage extensible, secure and reliable CXone cloud infrastructure to securely scale and customize operations in your contact center using open API’s while easily tapping into pre-integrated apps that help you customize contact center experiences. All backed by the industry’s best published service level agreement.

Access optimized cloud voice services that bring significant savings with low latency, carrier grade solutions available in more than 130 countries around the world.

Knowledge at your service.​

SAGLE CXone Expert is smart knowledge management that meets consumers at their point of need and makes the right self-service answers easy to find, making them feel like experts with answers that are easy to find on their own—any channel, any time.

“Leveraging technology like CXone SmartReach helps us achieve our goal to enable meaningful automated experiences from ordering to installation….We’ve only just scratched the surface on the many use cases that CXone SmartReach can support within TELUS and have already seen a fantastic return on investment.”

Chris Shave

Business Analysis Manager , TELUS

Contact Center without Borders.

Knowledge at your service.

When customers begin their search don’t make it a hunt for a needle in a haystack, get your content in front of customers before they even reach your contact center.

Smarter routing = better experiences ​

Whether its talking to an agent or a bot, engaging on social media, chat or voice – deliver an enriching experience that is seamless across channels.

Informed agents are a customer’s best friend ​​

Create personalized and informed agent interactions, ensure agents are prepared, engaged, efficient and guide them to their next-best answer, next-best behavior and next-best action.

Continuously improve all interactions​

Create a closed loop of continuous improvement, looking at all interactions to identify areas for improvement and take quick action for making those improvements happen.

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