Crafting an Extraordinary Customer Experience

The Solutions Workbench acts as an all-in-one platform for expanding, customizing, and optimizing BankAssist with an intuitive interface and robust feature set.

Manage BankAssist with Ease and Create Brand-Specific Experiences for Customers

Configure and deploy BankAssist with an easy-to-use, no-code interface that allows users to establish customer segmentation, company branding, and on-demand assistant configuration. Continue to improve the experience over time through advanced analytics, response personalization, and workflow customization.

Solutions Workbench

Assistant Configuration

Scalable Intelligence with just the click of a button

Select the scope of intelligence that will be launched to your customers with just a click of a button in the Assistant Configuration options. Define follow-ups, additional authentication requirements, conditions for transferring to a live agent, and more.

Brand Personalization

Personalize BankAssist to fit the brand of your company

A good assistant needs to look and sound just like your institution. Tailor BankAssist to meet all of your brand guidelines, such as colors, fonts and products, in the FI Personalization section of the workbench.

Brand Voice

Customize responses to create the voice of the company

Modify responses, welcome messages, small talk, the fallback experience, and more to ensure BankAssist represents the voice of the brand. Create new, custom conversational AI to scale the value to the customer and the bank over time.

Advanced Analytics

Analyze, Understand, Optimize the experience to refine it over time

BankAssist captures a range of advanced analytics from all of the interactions with users it has. These analytics are surfaced in the Solutions Workbench, and can also be exported to the platform of your choice.

Analytics are divided into Dashboards and Metrics. Dashboards are tailored to the FI Industry and Metrics show you how to leverage the power of the XO platform. The analytics captured help the virtual assistant become smarter over time, optimize the experience, and identify new capabilities to deliver to customers.


Usage Metrics

Detailed information on channels, sessions, users, messages, tasks performed, accuracy and agent transfers.

Intents Found

Dive into the three NLU engines to see how the intent was found and what the conversation topic was.

Failed Tasks

Shows all of the tasks that were not completed by customers, where they stopped and why.

Performance Metrics

View natural language understanding (NLU) performance on intents found, intents not found and failed tasks.

Intents Not Found

See the questions BankAssist was not able to answer, including the conversation and context. Use this data to retrain BankAssist and make it better over time.

Containment Metrics

Analyze sessions that are successfully completed with BankAssist vs. the sessions that require a live agent.

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