file replication

Automatically replicate and sync files to the cloud

Easily centralize structured and semi-structured data from files to deliver better insights, faster.

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File ingestion that is fast, reliable and easy to scale

Whether your files are generated from vendors or an internal team, Sagle automates data movement from storage buckets or file servers into your preferred destination.

Automatically centralize files of every major format


Sync your files in whatever method works for you, including:

We compress file formats of all types, without breaking a sweat

Our connectors are built for varied file compressions and configurations for successful replication into your target destination.

how it works

Configure Sagle to work for you

Load data with our standard file connector or “magic folder” connector while automatically inferring accurate data types when writing into your destination.

Headerless CSV support

Support vendors’ flat files with automated generic column names generation.

Header / footer skipping options

Prevent metadata header and footer lines from being included into your loaded schema.

Merge and append options

Choose how new data is brought in.

File pattern / folder search

Filter through files that you’re interested in loading with ease.

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Provide context for your insights

Sagle allows you to create landing zones in your destination for file data to provide context from internal teams (e.g., finance) or external teams (e.g., vendors) to your business systems.


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Get even more out of Sagle's automated data movement platform

Database replication

Sagle allows you to effortlessly add operational databases to analytics projects and see the full picture.

Infrastructure modernization

Whether it's migrating to the cloud or modernizing legacy systems, learn how Sagle can accelerate your digital transformation.

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