AI companion for contact center employees – Enlighten Copilot

Level up with an AI-powered companion.

Promote efficient work with fewer repetitive tasks and faster access to knowledge for contact center employees.

Maximize employee impact for superior outcomes.

Drive optimal resolution with knowledge

Leverage your company’s knowledge for the right response from your agents, at the right time.

Unlock agent superpowers

Simplify the agent experience with AI-powered guidance and increase satisfaction all around.

Create a clear path forward for supervisors

Provide AI guided success from supervisors for great CX.

Employee excellence

Deliver exceptional self-service that solves With this by-their-side conversational AI experience, agents have AI-driven knowledge and assistance at their fingertips for faster handle time and faster resolutions. Copilot automatically generates suggested responses for the agent using conversational context and knowledge base information. With Copilot, supervisors have a greater span of control through continuous, real-time visibility into agent behaviors, suggested solutions for problem areas, and smarter guided interactions.

The art of empowering agents and supervisors.

Learn how Enlighten Copilot empowers agents and supervisors to drive skilled labor, productivity, satisfaction, and engagement more than ever before.

Smarter guided interactions

Copilot magnifies the agent capabilities and empowers them with actionable responses and content. Supervisors are armed with smarter guided interactions and AI-driven coaching to improve the overall agent and consumer experiences.

Centralized-AI assistance

Agents have faster access to knowledge, answers, and guidance that are specific to their needs.

On-demand coaching

Supervisors provide the behavioral guidance and information agents need to streamline the customer journey.

Power amplification

Make every CX employee an informed, guided, and powerful super-employee.

Full context

Access to full interaction context including customer intent, sentiment, and history for amazing experiences.

AI-generated responses

Agents leverage automated, relevant assistance across any channel.

Automatic interaction summary

AI summarization helps agents keep track of the current interaction and informs future interactions.
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