destination to destination

Moving data between destinations has never been easier

Whether you are migrating from one destination to another, modernizing from on-prem into the cloud or enriching data in one destination to be moved into another, Sagle accelerates your destination-to-destination movement.

how it works

Connect destinations across your organization to harness the power of your data

Replicate data from your destination to other destinations within your organization or back to a transactional database after performing valuable transformations, analytics and visualizations.

Under the hood

Integrate data and analytics into every part of your org

With log-free replication using teleport sync, compressed snapshots are used to replicate data from supported sources to their destination with just a read-only user.

discover the benefits

Get the most value of your data lake or warehouse

Destination-to-destination data movement is key to a sound data strategy.

Break down data silos

When every team has their own destination, seeing the bigger picture is a challenge. With data movement between your destinations, you can break down data silos at even the largest organizations.

Continuous, reliable data delivery to the cloud

Quickly and efficiently migrate data between destinations to save costs and get further value from your data.

Upload data to operational databases

Perform transformations and analytics within your warehouse before uploading your data back to your operational databases for further usage across your organization. Enable newfound connections, data insights and audit capabilities within your operational databases with Sagle’s destination as a source connectors.

Feed your customers’ warehouses

Combine our destination as a source connectors with Powered by Sagle to enable simple data pipelines with your customers' destinations.

full-featured platform

Get even more out of Sagle's automated data movement platform

Data democratization

Improve campaign performance and drive ROI with a complete view of your marketing spend and activities.

Database replication

Sagle allows you to effortlessly add operational databases to analytics projects and see the full picture.

Infrastructure modernization

Whether it's migrating to the cloud or modernizing legacy systems, learn how Sagle can accelerate your digital transformation.

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