Augment Customer Engagement with Conversational IVR

Transforming Automated Interactions into Personalized Conversations

Conversational IVR

Deliver The Best Assistance with self-service, personalized interactions, and minimized call-handling costs

Embrace AI-powered Conversational IVR to deliver a personalized and humanized interaction experience, breaking free from traditional, rule-based IVR systems and providing your customers with natural, human-like interactions.

Voice AI

Enrich Customer Interactions by deploying human-like voice assistants

Enhance customer interactions across traditional and modern telephony networks by implementing voice assistants.’s XO Platform offers intelligent automation for instant query resolution. This reduces call center workload, empowering agents to focus on high-priority tasks.

AI Self Service

Effortless Customer Resolution by empowering natural customer interactions with IVR

Instantly address customer queries using AI Self-service. Enhance satisfaction with seamless, natural conversations, personalized responses, and swift issue resolution. Harness intelligent automation to empower your agents for high-value tasks. Conversational IVR

Empowering customers, enhancing efficiency

Integrate with Telephony Systems

Integrate with different telephony systems, even those without VXML support, using the XO Platform’s seamless integration capabilities. It natively supports popular tools like Genesys,, Avaya, Cisco, and others.

ASR & TTS Engine

Enjoy the flexibility to use the desired automatic speech recognition (ASR) or text-to-speech (TTS) engine. The XO Platform supports integrations with Azure, Google Cloud, Nuance and other providers.

Speech Adaptation

Configure the customizations needed to improve speech recognition. The XO Platform provides easy-to-use tools to set context phrases, punctuation and profanity filter. You can further train the system on specific keywords and relevant phrases.

Voice Biometrics

The XO Platform enables both active and passive call authentication through seamless integration with voice biometrics vendors like nuance, gatekeeper, and ID R&D, Illuma. It provides a fast and secure customer authentication within seconds. This not only reduces operational costs and prevents fraudulent access but also improves the overall customer experience.

Smart Deflection

The XO platform enables virtual assistants to intelligently route customers to various resources using LiveChat, email, or phone. The intelligence and sentiment analysis capabilities allow for out-of-the-box escalation/routing to a human agent. SIP trunking is available to accept voice calls and transfer them to contact centers.

Delivering Next-Gen Voice Experience

Inbound Calls

Seamlessly integrate with IVR systems using a dedicated Twilio-provided phone number, allowing flexibility in country and number selection.

Outbound Calls

Automate outbound campaigns with customizable workflows and scheduling. Leverage RESTful Web Services and CRM integration for efficient call management and virtual agent engagement.

Voice Customization

Tailor customer interactions by choosing from a variety of voices, including different genders, accents, and age groups to align with your brand identity.

Multilingual Support

Enhance customer satisfaction by resolving queries in their preferred language. The XO Platform supports over 100 languages and dialects.

Accents & Dialects

Accommodate various accents and dialects, including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and more.

Speech Control

Empower developers to fine-tune voice assistants’ speech output with SSML tags, creating personalized and engaging user experiences.

Emotion Detection

Analyze verbal cues and sentence structure to detect user emotions, enabling tailored responses and seamless transitions to human agents when needed.

Speaker Identification

Segment and label audio recordings to identify individual speakers, facilitating efficient conversation analysis for various industry applications.

Barge In Feature

Quickly configure whether to allow user input during a prompt. Choose “yes” or “no” to manage user input while a prompt is in progress.

Gartner Named a Leader in 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Conversational Al Platforms

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