Enlighten AI Routing

Better Connections drive better experiences.

Unlock the power of all available data with AI that delivers personalized experiences and improves business results.

Intelligence in every route

Upgrade to smart connections. ​

Predict the best match with industry-leading AI and holistic CX data to boost experiences and KPIs.

Amplify personalization.​

Optimize routing to deliver the best outcome for every customer.

Drive instant outcomes.

Prioritize key focus metrics in routing to rapidly realize KPIs.

Simplify routing queues.

Reduce skill queues to save time, decrease cost, and align with business goals.

All available data for connection perfection.

Perfect CX with connections based on all available data, including the largest holistic CX data source in the industry. Make each route matter for your bottom-line by aligning focus metrics for every interaction with Enlighten AI routing.

Transform customer experience, effortlessly.​

Power better connections and precisely measure results. Enlighten AI Routing seamlessly integrates holistic CX data to personalize every customer experience.

Upgrade routing to drive experiences.​

Enlighten AI Routing shifts routing from process to personalization perfection. Purpose-built AI makes the ideal match for every interaction using holistic CX data to improve experiences and reduce costs.

Hyper-personalize at scale​

Enhance every customer’s experience with an agent that really “gets them.”

Optimize routing for KPIs​

Achieve business goals with routing that adapts over time using AI to connect each interaction beyond skills and queues.

Power smart connections

Optimize experiences using AI with all available data to match callers with agents.

Built-in benefit reports

Measure ongoing benefits with built-in reports, A/B testing, and performance SLAs.

"With Enlighten AI Routing, we know who our
customers are, and who we can best connect
them with to ensure that every experience

Sr Director of Omnichannel Interactions, Fortune 500 Premier Retailer

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